McCarthy will hold a hearing in the House of Representatives on Sept. 14 to impeach Biden

U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy will update Republicans in a closed-door meeting this week on investigations to announce a vote to impeach President Joe Biden.

The closed-door meeting is scheduled for the morning of Sept. 14. At it, McCarthy will announce that enough information has been gathered to formally launch the Biden impeachment investigation and obtain the Bidens’ bank accounts and other documents. So far, however, the investigation has found no direct evidence that Biden personally profited from his son Hunter’s overseas activities.

The investigation was conducted by the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Jim Jordan, and the chairman of the Oversight and Accountability Committee of the lower house of Congress, James Comer.

The House vote to impeach Biden will take place as early as September, with the necessary number of votes in place to start the process.

In May, Republicans from the Committee on Oversight and Accountability of the lower house of Congress said they had received evidence that members of the Biden family and persons associated with them previously allegedly received millions of dollars from abroad through a network of companies. Comer said it involved a “complex and suspicious network of more than 20 companies” that the Bidens and related individuals used to enrich themselves. Most of these firms were limited liability companies formed while Biden was vice president. According to Comer, bank records show that the Biden family, related individuals and their firms received more than $10 million from foreigners and their companies.

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