Married for the fifth time, 58-year-old Nicolas Cage will be a father again

A year ago, at the age of 57 years, the Hollywood actor got married for the fifth time, which unspeakably pleased his fans. His chosen one was a young Japanese actress Riko Shibatu. Now it is known that the couple is expecting a child. This means that the 58-year-old Nicolas Cage will soon become a father for the third time.

Lucky Cage showed reporters a picture of the ultrasound and even told in an interview with GQ magazine about the name of the future heir. Apparently, the couple do not yet know the sex of the child. They have prepared options for both a boy and a girl.

If Rico Shibatu gives birth to a son, he will be named Akira Francesco after the Hollywood actor’s uncle. If the couple has a daughter, she will be named Lennon Augie, after Cage’s father, who went by the nickname Augie.

Nicolas Cage already has two sons from previous marriages. The eldest heir has even managed to make him a grandfather. Now an elderly actor in parallel with the role of the grandfather will have to try on the role of a young father again.

The current wife Nicolas Cage is much younger than his lover, but this does not prevent their passionate feelings. The couple applied for marriage registration on the 26th birthday of Rico Shibatu. The wedding of the lovers took place on February 16, 2021 in Los Angeles.

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