Louis Vuitton is working on a smart watch with RGB lighting

Louis Vuitton is working on a smart watch with RGB lighting

A new smartwatch from the popular fashion brand Louis Vuitton will soon go on sale. The Tambour Horizon Light Up features an original backlit dial with a full RGB palette.

The smartwatch from Louis Vuitton is absolutely not a new phenomenon – the Tambour Horizon went on sale in the summer of 2017, and soon we should see its successor.

Unofficial information about the Tambour Horizon Light Up model has hit the web. The new hardware from Louis Vuitton is expected to feature a very original addition – we are talking about the dial illumination with a full RGB color palette, which will be placed around a circular frame.

Many point out that, unlike the previous two releases of the Tambour Horizon model, the upcoming smartwatch will not use Google’s Wear OS. It will be replaced by the manufacturer’s proprietary software, and it’s pretty hard to expect huge features – this is a smartwatch that’s supposed to look, not be incredibly functional.

Details about this hardware should be coming soon – if you’re interested in buying this gadget, you should be prepared for some serious spending. The Tambour Horizon cost about $3,000 four years ago, and it’s hard to assume that the latest version with the new feature will be cheaper.

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