London restaurants are ready to serve steaks made of synthetic tiger meat

Primeval Foods said it has made arrangements with several restaurants in London to add tiger meat to their menus. And also panther, leopard, zebra, eventually elephants and giraffes. All of it will be obtained not by killing real animals, but by growing the protein mass in laboratory conditions.

The switch to tiger steaks has several goals. First, the risks to wildlife, which will cease to be perceived as a source of food, will be reduced. Second, restaurant customers will be able to have a new experience and taste truly exotic dishes. Thirdly, improving the technology of growing artificial meat will solve the problem of world hunger.

As Primeval Foods explains, every meat has its own nuances of taste and peculiarities. For example, elephants have quite a lot of fat in their muscle tissue, although it cannot be compared to the really fatty meat of whales. And it is meat, not fat, as in pigs. The flesh of big cats, tigers and panthers, has a unique protein and amino acid composition, which gourmets will definitely appreciate.

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