LG is preparing a personal “media-tron” for home cinema fans

LG is preparing a personal "media-tron" for home cinema fans

Visitors to the annual CES exhibition are already accustomed to hightech surprises from the South Korean electronics giant LG. CES-2022 will be no exception, and among the innovations will be a “media chair” of a subsidiary of LG Display, one of the world’s leaders in the production of flat-panel LCD screens.

For now, the “media-chair” is just a concept, which LG Display is working on with an unnamed Korean company engaged in the production of massage chairs. It consists of a curved base, on which a comfortable chair and a curved 55-inch OLED panel with a radius of curvature of 1500R (the most popular among gamers) are mounted.

According to company spokesman Matthew Weigand, the mutual positioning of these components provides the user with the ideal focal length for comfortable viewing. There are two screen orientation modes – portrait and landscape. To select the desired one, there is a touch-screen control panel on the right armrest of the media chair.

At CES-2022 LG is ready to present another novelty under the name “Virtual Ride” – a training bike in a “set” with three 55-inch OLED panels, forming a continuous picture of the track, on which he “rides”. The price of both novelties is still unknown, but according to experts, we can talk about tens of thousands of dollars.

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