LG Introduces Three Transparent OLED Displays Ready for Real Use

LG Introduces Three Transparent OLED Displays Ready for Real Use

The world is already familiar with the technology of transparent OLED displays, but the first commercial versions of these screens will be shown only in a few days. LG Display is going to bring three working concepts to the CES-2022 exhibition. These are a showcase screen, an interactive wall display for a conference room, and a home virtual shelf.

The essence of all transparent OLED displays, as well as their main competitive advantage is that they allow you to combine real objects with a picture on the screen so that they complement each other. This is very similar to the augmented reality system in a smartphone, with the difference that the image is displayed on a large stationary screen. This is exactly how the shop window works – the first concept that allows you to finish off the actual products on the shelf with an attractive addition or display important information about them.

The second concept is called Smart Window and is a transparent board for a conference room, which, although it is a physical object, does not divide the space into separate zones, and does not interfere with the work while the screen is off. And when it is on, it is used as intended to display important information. In this case people can see each other and keep the possibility of direct dialogue, including discussion of the picture on the screen.

The last novelty is supposed to be a kind of smart shelf for a living room, which will become a universal home screen. You can display on it the weather forecast, a movie, a picture from video chat, and even images of memorabilia or events that are physically problematic to place in your home. For example, avatars of loved ones, or copies of famous landmarks and art objects.

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