KFC launches the sale of synthetic chicken meat products

KFC launches the sale of synthetic chicken meat products

The KFC restaurant chain will begin selling plant-based chicken meat substitute products next week. According to management, the move will change the face of the fast-food industry forever.

The new product is the result of the brand’s collaboration with Beyond Meat, which has developed a plant-based alternative to KFC’s popular signature dish, chicken breast.

From KFC do not lag behind her famous “brethren” who have also developed their own products from vegetable “chicken meat” with Beyond Meat. We are talking about the company Yum Brands and its networks Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.

According to experts, the popularity of products from vegetable meat substitutes in the coming year will further strengthen. There is no doubt that there will be new catering chains, which will certainly adopt such dishes, which are in no way inferior in taste to natural meat products.

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