Keanu Reeves is not thrilled with Keanumicin

Keanu Reeves is not thrilled with Keanumicin

Keanu Reeves recently participated in a conference on Reddit, during which anyone could ask him anything. One of the most popular questions was the actor’s opinion that a new fungicide called “kyanumitsin” was named after him. This substance was named after the famous movie character Reeves for its incredible effectiveness in destroying pathogenic fungi.

It turned out that Reeves himself was not aware of it. He thanked the scientists for their excellent work, but expressed the opinion that the name is not quite correct. If you call a fungus killer after a movie hitman, you should do it right – use the name of the character John Wick. Reeves just played him, he’s not like that at all himself.

On the other hand, the creation of kyanomycin was as spectacular a breakthrough in science as the release of the John Wick movies on the wide screen. And just as Reeves’ fame helped draw attention to the character, his name will help make a useful analogue of pesticides known to the world. Kianomycin is supposed to be the killer of Botrytis cinerea, an extremely dangerous pest of crops, which will help save humanity from food shortages.

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