Johnny Depp presented in court evidence of abuse by Amber Heard

The court presented pictures of injuries on Johnny Depp’s face. According to Johnny Depp’s security guard Sean Bett, the bruises and scratches were caused by his ex-wife Amber Heard. The photos are “direct evidence” of the actress’ attacks on her spouse.

Photos of Depp with deep facial wounds were shown to the jury and everyone at the meeting. According to Bett, Depp implied that his wife might try to accuse him of violence.

“These injuries were serious evidence of his innocence,” Sean Bett assured the jury.

He also said that in ordinary life, Johnny resembles his character from the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” Jack Sparrow. “He’s very sweet and likable, whether he’s drinking or not. He’s very humble and easy to get along with,” Sean explained.

Additionally, Bette recalled Heard and Depp’s last confrontation in May 2016, which happened just before they decided to get a divorce. He heard Amber screaming, for which he assured there was no reason.

“She was screaming just for no reason. There were no abrasions, redness or bruises on her body. I took Johnny under my arm and led her away from there. She kept screaming, yelling that he was hitting her, even though Mr. Depp was right next to me,” Sean said.

Days later, Amber sued and attached a picture of the beatings. “But they weren’t, dammit!” – Bette clarified.

For his part, Depp’s personal physician, David Kipper, revealed details of a 2015 incident in which the actor nearly lost a finger. According to Heard’s version, Johnny may have hurt himself when he smashed his phone. However, Depp himself claims that it was his former lover who threw a bottle at him.

That day Kipper was called to give first aid. The doctor noticed blood stains and broken glass in the house, but there were no injuries on Amber’s body and she did not seek medical attention. Depp later underwent surgery to repair the finger.

Johnny Depp sued his former lover over a 2018 article in which the actress admitted to being a victim of domestic violence. Johnny claims that the publication deprived him of many lucrative career offers, and is seeking $50 million in compensation from Amber. Heard counterclaimed for $100 million.