Joe Biden is ready to come out of isolation

Joe Biden is ready to come out of isolation

President Joe Biden has completed a five-day course of the antiviral drug paxlovide, and nearly all of his previous symptoms of the coronavirus have virtually disappeared, Kevin O’Connor, the president’s treating physician, said Tuesday.

Biden is expected to be able to come out of isolation mode as soon as he tests negative for COVID-19. There is, however, no doubt in the 79-year-old president’s readiness to come out of isolation-at least morally.

Aside from indicators such as normal lung oxygen saturation, heart rate and temperature, one of the most important indicators of Biden’s improvement, according to his doctor, is the fact that he “feels well enough to resume regular exercise.”

Unlike his predecessor, Donald Trump, who thought going to the gym could be detrimental to his health, Biden usually works out every morning and bikes near his beach home in Delaware on weekends.

“He asked to be allowed to exercise last night,” White House spokeswoman Karin Jean-Pierre said Tuesday. – He likes strength training and cardio exercises.”

The news that the president was diagnosed with COVID-19 in tests meant that Biden had to cancel all previously scheduled trips and shorten his workday at the White House, though staff stressed that the president continues to perform his duties to the fullest.

Biden is expected to return to face-to-face work as early as this week. On Tuesday, the president met virtually with executives from South Korea’s SK to discuss plans for a $22 billion investment in semiconductor manufacturing and other high-tech industries.

In between discussing South Korea-U.S. relations, Biden told the meeting about some of the aspects of working remotely that many people on the planet have encountered over the past couple of years.

“I feel great. I hope you can see it on the screen,” Biden joked. – I hope I look as good as I usually do, which isn’t so great.”

Karin Jean-Pierre said at today’s press briefing that Biden is clearly on the mend, “I smiled when I heard he wanted to work out.”