Jetson Aero sold out the first batch of One multicopters

Jetson Aero sold out the first batch of One multicopters

The Swedish company Jetson Aero has successfully sold its initial series of 12 eVTOL-class multicopters, the Jetson One. The design of the Jetson One is very simple, which does not prevent its owner from getting maximum enjoyment from flying. It has a nearly open cockpit with a single outboard seat and a frame made of aluminum and carbon fiber.

In appearance, it is very reminiscent of numerous unmanned multicopters. With four booms and eight main propellers mounted coaxially on them with a total power of 118 hp, it can accelerate up to 100 km/h. Jetson Aero guarantees flight safety even if one engine fails.

Control of the multicopter is represented by joysticks, located on the left and right side of the pilot, and two pedals. A very smartphone-like instrument panel displays basic flight information. The onboard computers, thanks to triple redundancy, react instantly when the pilot releases the levers, causing the multicopter to hover in place or make a landing. Jetson One is equipped with lidar, which prevents collision with obstacles as well as a ballistic parachute in case of emergency.

The dimensions of the multicopter are 2845 x 2400 x 1030 mm, weight 90 kg. It is designed for a pilot weighing no more than 85 kg. The disadvantages of Jetson One are that it has a very short flight time – only 15 minutes, after which you need to recharge the battery. Frankly not enough for a machine priced at $92,000. The next batch of three multicopters will not be available until 2023.

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