Jen Psaki plans to resign as White House press secretary

Jen Psaki intends to leave the White House this spring and go to work for MSNBC. Psaki is consulting closely with White House officials about various aspects of her impending departure, but has not yet officially notified of her final decision.

At the same time, she is negotiating with the network, and an agreement with MSNBC has almost been reached. She will host one of MSNBC’s shows on the Peacock streaming service.

In May 2021, Psaki had already warned that she could leave her post after a year, as she had discussed with current White House leader Joe Biden’s team exactly that term when he was still running for president.

Psaki was a White House and State Department official in the administration of the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama. In 2020, she served as an adviser to Biden’s transition team. In November of that year, it became known of her appointment as White House press secretary. Psaki, in particular, became known for her high-profile remarks about Russia and Ukraine.

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