In the University of California created fully biodegradable shoes made of algae

It’s no secret that millions of pairs of worn-out shoes end up in landfills every year, becoming a serious environmental problem. The company Algenesis at the University of California offered a solution to this problem, where shoes made of completely biodegradable materials – Blueview – were developed.

The upper is made of hemp and eucalyptus fibers, the canvas strap is made of cotton fabric, and the sole is made of Soleik polyurethane foam based on algae oil. Very importantly, the Blueview is already in mass production.

As they wear out, such shoes should be thrown away not in the usual trash garbage can, but in a special compost bunker, where under the influence of natural factors the shoes completely decompose.

The upper decays in a few months and the sole in about a year. Blueview decomposes just as effectively in seawater. The biodegradable shoes are sold in two colors – black and “sand dune.” The price is $135.