In January, there were 90 million cases of covid worldwide

In January, there were 90 million cases of covid worldwide

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in the world in January increased by 90 million. This is 3.6 times more than in December, 4.7 times more than last January, and is comparable with the total number of cases in the second half of 2021.

Thus, the incidence on the planet has reached a maximum for the pandemic, with 22 million infections confirmed in the last week alone, the highest ever recorded for the new infection.

However, in several countries the incidence has already gone down. Against this background, authorities are lifting major restrictions, including even a mask regime, and announce that soon they will treat coronavirus infection as a common cold.

The most sick people – about 20 million – have been identified in the United States over the month. However, if at the beginning of January there were about 600 thousand new cases per day, and in the middle – 900 thousand, in the last days of the month – already 300 thousand.

In France, the maximum of over 500,000 infected people a day was recorded on 25 January. But by February 1, the number of detected infections had dropped by almost a quarter.

In India the new wave was not as powerful as the previous one in spring when the number of people infected daily exceeded 400,000. The peak in the middle of January was slightly less than 350,000 cases per day, and by the end of the month the incidence rate had approximately halved to 170,000.

In Argentina, the peak of another pandemic wave also occurred in mid-January, when there were recorded about 140,000 infected per day (now – about 40,000). At the same time for just a month in the country 2.7 million infected were identified against 360 thousand in December.

Somewhere the spread of infection is still accelerating: in January the disease rate rose tenfold in Germany, reached its maximum in Poland and the Czech Republic (about 55 thousand infected a day), and also in Ukraine and Romania (about 35 thousand). Russia reported 1.4 million infections in one month, more than one and a half times the figure for December, while in Turkey the number of cases detected since the end of last year had tripled by early February.

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