How the allegations will affect Donald Trump’s political future?

How the allegations will affect Donald Trump's political future?

According to a Manhattan grand jury indictment, Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, has been indicted on more than 30 counts.

This is the first time in American history that a sitting or former president has been indicted in a criminal investigation. What exactly Trump is accused of is not yet known, but it is believed to be related to his involvement in a scheme to pay hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels during the 2016 presidential race.

The 45th president is expected to appear in court on Tuesday, April 4. Trump himself called the news of the indictments a “disgusting witch hunt,” adding that “Democrats have used the justice system as a weapon to punish a political opponent.”

According to James Savage, a professor of political science and public policy at the University of Virginia, the question now is what will this mean for President Trump politically?

So far, Savage notes, the Republican Party supports him: the indictment effectively puts Trump “on stage,” gives him a chance to make an extra appearance in public, and even adds to his prestige. As for the Republican Party, opinion polls show that Trump’s supporters actively support him:

“Even those Republicans who are also running for president of the United States are either silent or quietly supportive of the former president. So far, it hasn’t caused any intraparty problems for him in terms of the election. So it probably won’t hurt him much in the national election either. Another problem has to do with Attorney Alvin Bragg. The question is, is he trying to go all the way in this case for political reasons? And so far, that’s the impression he’s getting.”

“In the first-ever indictment of a former president, we will hear a lot about it in the American media,” adds Julia Azari, professor of political science at Marquette University. – But it’s important to note that, yes, this is a first for the president, but a number of American politicians have been prosecuted for various legal problems. For example, four of the last five governors of Illinois, one of our largest states, have gone to prison for various crimes. So it’s not unusual for the justice system to affect politicians as well as everyone else. Interestingly, we have very minimal requirements for presidential candidates. The Constitution says you must be a citizen by birth, you must be thirty-five years old, and you must live in the United States. And that’s basically it. There is no bar to running for president if you are a person convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor, or even at this time you are in prison. One of the minor candidates, Socialist candidate Eugene Debs, ran for president from prison.”

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