Google intends to start firing unvaccinated employees

Google intends to start firing unvaccinated employees

Google has warned of firing employees who refuse to comply with the mandatory COVID-19 vaccination requirement. Google had previously required all of its employees to provide a certificate confirming vaccination against COVID-19 or a document confirming their inability to vaccinate for medical or religious reasons by December 3.

According to the company’s updated rules, if the required documents are not provided, employees will be placed on “paid administrative leave” for a month beginning Jan. 18, 2022. After 30 days, unvaccinated employees will be placed on unpaid leave for six months, and after that time, they will be terminated.

“Continuous testing for coronavirus is not an effective alternative for vaccination,” the rules said.

Google has reserved the right not to allow its employees to work remotely, but to require a presence in the office three days a week.

Earlier, U.S. President Joe Biden required all companies with more than a hundred employees to vaccinate their employees or test them for COVID-19 by January 18. In November, a federal court suspended the administration’s executive order.

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