Gaussin hydrogen truck goes to the Dakar-2022 race

Gaussin hydrogen truck goes to the Dakar-2022 race

Gaussin company from France actively promotes the concept of hydrogen-powered transport and develops various versions of platforms for it. Their latest brainchild, called H2 Racing Truck, turned out to be so successful that its creators dared to apply for participation in the Dakar-2022 race. The truck with a hydrogen power unit has to pass 12 hours of hellish race through the sands and rocks of the desert.

The Gaussin race truck is equipped with two 300 kW electric motors, which are powered by a 380 kW hydrogen power plant. For reliability, the system has a backup battery of 82 kW. The truck takes 80 kg of liquefied hydrogen on board per filling, which is enough for 250 km of travel at a maximum speed of 140 km/h – this restriction is due to the rules of the race.

The key point is the vehicle’s refueling speed – the hydrogen tank fills up in just 20 minutes, which is extremely important for races. As an example, in 2017, Acciona’s all-electric vehicle became famous because for the first time it managed to complete the entire Dakar distance. However, it took the very last place, racking up numerous penalties – largely due to the unacceptably long charging time of its batteries. Gaussin says it has taken this experience into account – their truck should show that renewable energy vehicles can now compete on equal terms with such monsters as the 1,150-hp 13-liter KAMAZ diesel monster and the 1,065-hp Toyota Hino hybrid.

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