Former Trump administration officials launched a dating app

Former Trump administration officials launched a dating app

“Ladies and gentlemen only” and no gender pronouns: this is how the creators of an online dating app for the conservative U.S. audience announced the launch of a new service, The Right Stuff. In a video posted on the project’s website, Ryan McEnany, the sister of Donald Trump’s former press secretary Kaylee McEnany, makes it clear that only people with traditional conservative views are welcome on the platform. Among the top priorities are family, children and religion.

“We regret that you had to spend years dating people who don’t look at the world with our view, which is the right view,” Ryan McEnany says in the promo.

However, the main factor that unites all users of The Right Stuff, apparently, is the support of former President Trump. And the app’s creators apparently weren’t confused by the fact that the chief investor, billionaire and longtime Trump supporter Peter Thiel, is openly gay and has been married to a man for several years.

“We’ve seen the Trump machine generate ads around the politician’s name many times before,” commented Katie Howey, a marketing professor at the University of Southern Mississippi, on the launch. – Some companies created by Republicans are created just for that purpose. They just feel that American corporations don’t reflect their values enough. I think we would soon see the launch of other such projects as alternatives to companies that espouse left-wing views.”

In an interview with the Russian service of Voice of America, Daniel Huff, co-founder of the app and former Trump administration adviser, while trying to explain why a separate dating platform was needed, lamented that it was much harder for Trump supporters to find the right partner.

“When I was still working at the White House, I went on a date with a girl,” Huff says. – When I told her where I worked, she got up and left. She didn’t even touch the glass of wine I ordered.”

Huff argues that the algorithm of all the popular dating apps, like Tinder or Bumble, is inherently against the values of conservatives: “One example of how biased such apps are is the stickers you can use on your profile to show what you like and support. But they’re usually only things that people on the left support. For example, feminism or abortion rights. That’s all well and good, but why isn’t there anything on these apps for people of conservative views? For example, the Second Amendment to the Constitution guaranteeing the right to arms, or banning abortion.”

The Right Stuff is free to download, but you have to get an invitation from an existing user to register. You must also fill out a questionnaire that includes, among other things, your favorite quote from the Bible or your opinion on the events of January 6, 2021. On his show, the new dating app has already been ridiculed by TV host Trevor Noah, who joked that The Right Stuff will make it easier for the FBI to find those who stormed the Capitol. Contradictory reviews are also left by first-time users.

“I’m pretty conservative, but this is an app for dating extremists,” user Bill leaves a review on the App Store. – The questionnaire includes questions about Jan. 6 and “favorite liberal lies.” This site is a breeding ground for misinformation and hate.”

“Of all the dating apps out there, I chose The Right Stuff because they support conservative values,” Indiana student Isaiah Baumgartner explained in an interview with Voice of America. – My personal experience has shown me that it’s important for me to have a partner who shares my religious and political views. I’ve already gone on one date with a nice girl. I think we’ll go out again.

The Right Stuff isn’t the first attempt by Trump supporters to create a dating app. Back in 2018, the Donald Daters platform became available to iPhone and Android users. In February of this year, Trump himself launched his own social network, TRUTH Social. However, none of the projects can be called a success. The reason, according to marketers, is that the creators of such applications do not particularly care about positive feedback or growth in the number of users. Their main goal is to once again draw attention to Donald Trump.

“We don’t see these companies being very successful, because they have to compete with huge corporations that have been around for years and have a lot of resources,” Howie says. – Are conservatives willing to take on the costs to lure their users to their platform, whether it’s a dating app or a new streaming service? We have yet to find out.”

The Right Stuff team, for its part, says it believes in its project and hopes to prove that the app, unlike many others, will still be an exception and not end up in the “deleted” folder.