Ford offers pedestrians to download an app to help them avoid getting run over

Ford offers pedestrians to download an app to help them avoid getting run over

In order to prevent a pedestrian from being run over by a car and a driver from running over a car, both parties are required to clearly observe the rules of the road. Unfortunately, this does not always work. Therefore, the American automobile giant Ford suggested using a smartphone app as a measure to warn of a possible collision.

The technology in question will be presented at the World Congress of the Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America), to be held next week in Los Angeles.

There is no exact description yet of how the system works. The idea is that the app receives and displays information about pedestrians and cyclists who are out of the driver’s field of view, but whose collision is possible, on the vehicle’s onboard computer screen. Alas, the rest is nothing but questions.

It is not quite clear how the driver and the car will react to the warning – will the braking system work or will the driver simply be asked to be more attentive?

Obviously, the system also assumes that pedestrians have smartphones with this app. But then what about those who don’t have such an app? Besides, if the necessary program will be installed only on Ford cars, millions of owners of cars of other brands will be “out of the game”.

To care about the safety of road users, of course, is necessary. But so far it is difficult to assess how such a controversial decision can affect the sad statistics of road accidents.