First hypersonic US Dark Eagle missiles may be deployed in Washington state

First hypersonic US Dark Eagle missiles may be deployed in Washington state

The first U.S. Dark Eagle hypersonic missile systems are likely to be deployed in the future in the western United States at a base in Washington state. Images and accompanying information released by the U.S. Army show this.

On Tuesday, the Pentagon’s photo and video dissemination service posted pictures of the brought in “long-range hypersonic missile equipment.” The accompanying information states that the place of shooting – Lewis-McChord base in Washington state, the pictures themselves, according to the metadata, were taken in mid-September.

According to an online publication The War Zone, the footage shows trailers of prototype launchers, a tractor, and “other important components of the systems,” but the hypersonic missiles themselves have not yet been delivered. The Pentagon had not previously disclosed the possible location of the future deployment of Dark Eagle systems, the publication added. It is noted that a ceremony marking the arrival of Dark Eagle equipment will be held on Thursday.

The War Zone points out that the delivered components are meant only to familiarize the troops with them so far. The Pentagon hopes to begin test launches of the guided missile in fiscal year 2022, which began Oct. 1. The military plans for the first systems to enter service in fiscal year 2023.

In August, Robert Strader, the US hypersonic weapons program supervisor, said that the Dark Eagle would be used in batteries of four units, each with two missiles. As National Interest magazine previously noted, the combination of hypersonic missile speed and missile mobility could be a serious defense threat against potential adversaries.

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