Experts tell what drugs can lead to stroke after COVID-19

Experts tell what drugs can lead to stroke after COVID-19

Self-preservation of blood clots with blood thinners after COVID-19 can lead to strokes. Do not use blood thinners for a long time after COVID-19, as they are not intended for everyone. Only if the patient was hospitalized, was in the hospital, had complications, and the doctor prescribed medication for the indications.

People believe dubious advice on the Internet and start self-medicating – for example, a week before vaccination they prescribe themselves anticoagulants, come for vaccination, and during the preliminary examination the doctors see bruises. In order for COVID-19 not to lead to additional heart complications, it is necessary to observe sleep and rest regimen, to eat adequately and to refrain from physical exertion.

Globally, according to the latest WHO data, there are almost 268 million infected, 5.3 million of them could not be saved. The most difficult situation is in the United States, India, Brazil and the United Kingdom. Vaccination remains the most reliable method of protection.

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