Emmy 2022: “The Heirs” and “Ted Lasso” are named best series

Emmy 2022: "The Heirs" and "Ted Lasso" are named best series

The series “The Heirs” won the Emmy Award for Best Drama and “Ted Lasso” for Best Comedy.

“The Heirs,” a series about a dying media mogul’s children’s struggle for supremacy in the company, also won best screenplay. “Big week for The Heirs: a new king of Great Britain, an Emmy for us. Admittedly, it took a little more votes for us to win than it did for Prince Charles,” “The Heirs” series creator Jesse Armstrong joked from the stage.

The comedy series “Ted Lasso,” whose main character is the optimistic coach of the college soccer team, won the top award for the second time in a row. Jason Sudeikis and Brett Goldstein, the lead and supporting actor, respectively, were also recognized once again in their respective categories. The series also won the award for Best Director for a Comedy Series.

The award for Best Actor in a Drama Series went to Lee Jong-Jae of “The Squid Game,” filmed in South Korea. He became the first Asian actor to win in this category. Backstage, Lee expressed his hope that the award would open doors for other Asian actors.

The best leading actresses, according to the jury, were Zendeya from the drama series “Euphoria,” about a group of teenagers going through difficult growing up, and Jean Smart from the comedy series “Tricks.” Smart won the same award last year.

The White Lotus series about the troubled lives of vacationers at the hotel of the same name received the award for best mini-series and also received several other nominations.

Last year, “The Crown,” “Ted Lasso” and “The Queen’s Walk” received Emmy awards for best series of their genre and format.