Citroen introduced Skate, a self-propelled platform with interchangeable modules

Citroen introduced Skate, a self-propelled platform with interchangeable modules

Citroën has combined several innovations in the new Citroën Skate. It is simultaneously an electric car, a drone and a platform with interchangeable transport modules. Curiously, it requires recharging far less frequently, as it can be charged wirelessly and on the move. Depending on the driving target, the Citroën Skate can be limited to 5 or 25 km/h. Comfort is ensured by a hydraulic suspension.

The wheels are totally different from the usual bagels, because they are spherical! Each wheel has a separate electric motor, and the tires were designed by Goodyear.

The self-propelled platform can hardly be called a car, as its height is only 51 cm. At the same time, its length and width are 2.6 and 1.6 meters, respectively. A built-in control system coordinates the movement of the device on city streets.

There are three types of quick-change transport modules to choose from. It takes only ten seconds to change them. Two designs were developed by Accor, a company engaged in the hotel industry. The Sofitel En Voyage passenger cabin is a luxury hotel room for three and includes a marquetry wood finish, flat panoramic glass and blood-orange velvet upholstery on the sofas. The cabin is packed with gadgets, including a touchpad for video calls, smart lighting, a bar, an LED information screen and a sound system.

The second plug-in module is called Pullman Power Fitness and is a gym on wheels. The holographic screen acts as a virtual trainer, and the rowing machine transfers the energy generated to charge the car’s main battery.

The third module is called the JCDecaux City Provider and consists of a small enclosed cabin with dark windows for privacy and an open platform under a canopy. The excellent visibility and interactive screens make this model ideal for tourists.

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