Chaos 3000 hp hypercar defies reality

Chaos 3000 hp hypercar defies reality

Spyros Panopoulos Automotive sold the first copy of the Chaos ultra car, thus challenging all automakers in the world. The former creator of unique drag racing engines has built a fantastic vehicle as a demonstrator of new technologies. For example, the key figures are 3065 hp and 1984 N⋅m of torque, while most supercars do not exceed 1000 hp and none of the electric car manufacturers dare to go beyond 2000 hp.

What’s even more surprising is that the motor that develops this incredible power is printed on a 3D printer from magnesium alloy. The crankshaft is made of titanium alloy and the pistons are made of silicon carbide. Greek engineers have developed “Anadiaplasi” technology, a type of evolutionary design in which each component is designed separately to withstand specific loads on specific vectors. Everything superfluous is cut off to produce an openwork structure of crazy, indescribable shape, and extremely low weight.

It is possible to create such strange and complex shapes only with the help of 3D-printing, with the help of which about 78% of the car’s structure is made. All the important components, including wheel rims and brakes, steering wheel and suspension, pedals and even the rear-view mirror mount are printed from titanium, tool steel and carbon fiber. And the rest is made of synthetic polymer Zylon, which is unofficially called the strongest in the world – chassis, monocoque, trim elements. As a consequence, all this splendor weighs only 1,272 kg.

Chaos accelerates not just fast: in 7.1 seconds it reaches a speed of 300 km/h, and how much faster than the claimed 500 km/h it can go is also curious for its creators. The main difficulty is that this car has no clear purpose, it is certainly not for sports records. This is indicated, for example, by a strange mode of driving on a real road in virtual reality glasses accompanied by drawn anime characters. How the management of such a monster and distracting funny pictures is consistent – it is not clear.

The basic version of Chaos has an engine power limit of 2000 hp, and therefore the price tag is small, $6.4 million. For a complete set will have to lay out already $14.4 million.

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