Caviar released a unique designer iPhone made of molten Tesla

Caviar released a unique designer iPhone made of molten Tesla

This year Elon Musk is more popular than ever, which was the inspiration for the designers of the Caviar brand. In keeping with their tradition, they launched a new line of phones and accessories dedicated to the famous personality. In Musk’s case, however, they went for an unusual move and replaced precious metals with the wreckage of the Tesla electric car.

The Visionaries collection was enriched with 27 busts of Ilon Musk, each of which sells for $3220. Recognizing the innovator and billionaire is not easy, but there is a gilded plaque on a black marble base. The main thing here is that the metal for the bust is taken from remelted parts of the original Tesla electric car – the hood, doors, and interior parts.

The same metal is used for the finish of the limited-edition Tesla Electro phones, with only 99 units produced. In addition to Musk’s portrait, Tesla itself is depicted here, plus the company logos. The device costs $6760. It turns out that the busts of Steve Jobs and Jack Ma will cost less than the statuette of Musk, but the phones with their image are more expensive – because of the use of gold, titanium and diamonds.

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