Bruce Willis’s relatives reported that his dementia is progressing

Bruce Willis's relatives reported that his dementia is progressing

Famous Hollywood actor Bruce Willis was recently diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, a serious and incurable brain disease that negatively affects thinking abilities. The disease is gradually progressing. The actor’s relatives reported it, nearly a year after the “Die Hard” action movie star quit the movie because of aphasia, a condition that can be one of the symptoms of dementia, causing a person to be unable to understand other people’s speech.

“Since Bruce was diagnosed with aphasia in the spring of 2022, his condition has progressed and we now have a more specific diagnosis: frontotemporal dementia,” his family said in a statement on the Association for the Treatment of Frontotemporal Dementia’s website. – Unfortunately, communication problems are just one of the symptoms of the disease Bruce is facing. Although painful, receiving a clear diagnosis was a relief.”

The statement, which was accompanied by a photo of a smiling Willis on the beach, said there is currently no cure for the disease. The family said they hope the diagnosis of Willis, who is only 67, will bring more attention to the fight against LWD.

“As Bruce’s condition progresses, we hope that all media attention will focus on shedding light on this disease, which requires much more attention and research,” the statement said.

Frontal temporal degeneration is caused by the progressive death of nerve cells in the frontal lobes of the brain or its temporal lobes.

Willis’ family believes that if the actor were able to use his voice, he would bring attention to dementia and how to help others with the disease.

The actor’s eldest daughter Rumer Willis wrote about her father’s diagnosis on Instagram and received support from others in show business.

“I love you so much, my friend. Hugs to you and your beautiful family. Your daddy is a freaking legend,” wrote “Breaking Bad” star Aaron Paul.

Willis rose to fame in the mid-1980s through his participation in the TV series “Moonlighting Detective Agency” (Moonlighting). During his forty-year career, he starred in about 100 films, receiving acclaim for his roles in Pulp Fiction and The Sixth Sense. Willis is the winner of a Golden Globe Award and two Emmy Awards.

However, Willis truly rose to fame after playing a rugged New York City cop in the five “Die Hard” movies released between 1988 and 2013.

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