Britney Spears is accused of assaulting her sister

Britney Spears is accused of assaulting her sister

Late last year Britney Spears gained her freedom after 13 years of her father’s custody. She was able to experience simple human pleasures like cash and no total control. Britney then declared that her parents deserved to bear heavy punishment because they had done something horrible.

However, the singer quickly went from formidable accuser to victim. Her sister Jamie Lynn released a scandalous book of memoirs describing Britney’s inadequate actions, including her assault with a gun.

According to Jamie Lynn, when she was young, Britney Spears locked herself in a room with her, after which she “pulled a knife on her.”

People condemned Britney Spears for the attack, which could only be a fabrication, as there is no evidence of the attack right now. Britney found something to answer in her defense. In a personal blog with an audience of more than 55 million people, the star rebuked her sister for her brazen lies.

Britney Spears suggests that her sister went to the lowdown to sell her book. As the singer stated, while she worked in her youth and brought money into the family, Jamie Lynn sat idly by, everything got to her effortlessly.

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