Brad Pitt was caught with a new girlfriend

Brad Pitt was caught with a new girlfriend

Court hearings, bans, intrigue, division of property – what have not experienced Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in recent years. For years they have been trying to find a compromise, but they haven’t. Fans were hoping that there was still a spark of love behind the feud between the ex-spouses, but it turned out to be different.

Unique information has penetrated the network that Brad Pitt is having an affair with singer and model Lykke Li. Neither he nor she has commented on the matter, but the gossip does not just appear. In January, the couple was caught on a date at an Italian restaurant.

Apparently, now Angelina Jolie is biting her elbows, because by his behavior Brad Pitt has shown that there are other beauties no worse. It is known that the actor’s new girlfriend is 35 years old and Lykke Li has a young child.According to rumors, the singer has been dating Brad Pitt for many months.

Meanwhile, fans continue to discuss the relationship between Angelina Jolie and the singer The Weeknd.Jolie does not advertise the relationship with her boyfriend, but reacts emotionally to the words about him.

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