Blinken announced U.S. and EU intention to develop codes of conduct for AI

Blinken announced U.S. and EU intention to develop codes of conduct for AI

The United States and the European Union want to prepare codes of conduct concerning developments in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced this on Wednesday.

“We are focusing intensely on what we can do together, dealing with both the opportunities and the challenges that new technologies bring. We had a very intense and, I think, productive discussion today about artificial intelligence, including generative artificial intelligence,” the U.S. diplomatic chief said at a news conference following the U.S.-EU Trade and Technology Council meeting in LuleĆ„, Sweden.

“I think we share the conviction that the council has an important role to play in facilitating voluntary codes of conduct that are open to all like-minded countries. Especially as there is almost always a gap between the timing of the emergence of technology, the beginning of its human impact, and the development of regulatory norms by governments and institutions,” Blinken said.

He said Washington and Brussels believe such work needs to be done urgently. “And we feel an urgent need right now when it comes to generative AI. We discussed during today’s conversation, in particular, how we can use the council to help promote, at least in the short term, voluntary codes of conduct that should be open to a large number of states so that we can mitigate some of the potential negative impacts and enhance the positive benefits of this extraordinary technology,” Blinken said.

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