Biden’s rating is falling faster than most U.S. presidents of the 20th century

Biden's rating is falling faster than most U.S. presidents of the 20th century

Americans’ approval rating for U.S. President Joe Biden’s performance as head of state has fallen 11.3 percent since his inauguration. This follows from the published results of a survey conducted by the Gallup polling service.

According to estimates, this is a record drop in the rating for the first nine months of the presidency among U.S. leaders since the end of World War II. Gallup cites data on the first presidential term among heads of state elected to office by election. In this regard, the statistics do not include Harry Truman (who was vice president under Franklin Roosevelt and became president in 1945 after his death), Lyndon Johnson (who was vice president under John Kennedy and became president after his death in 1963) and Gerald Ford (who was vice president under Richard Nixon and became president after he resigned in 1974). The previous anti-record belonged to the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama (who held office from 2009-2017), his rating declined by 10.1 percent in the first nine months since taking office.

In his first three months in office, Biden’s average approval rating was 56%. In July, it began to drop precipitously amid a deteriorating coronavirus situation and the process of withdrawing U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

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