Biden: We are building an American economy for the 21st century

Biden: We are building an American economy for the 21st century

U.S. President Joe Biden issued a statement on the economic results of the first year of his presidency.

“The GDP numbers for the first year of my presidency demonstrate that we are finally building an American economy for the 21st century with the fastest economic growth in nearly four decades and the largest annual job gains in American history. For the first time in 20 years, our economy grew faster than China’s,” Biden stressed.

“This is no fluke! My economic strategy is to create good jobs for Americans, rebuild our manufacturing industry and strengthen domestic supply chains to help our companies become more competitive.”

“Today, Americans are finding jobs with better pay and better conditions. The number of layoffs is approaching an all-time low,” the president noted. – “Companies are investing in new production lines and plants here in the United States: the recent announcements of Intel facilities in Ohio and GM facilities in Michigan.

“We’re building the future in America again,” Biden stated.

“The number of new small business registrations is up more than 30 percent since 2019, Americans are dreaming again and believing in themselves and in America.”

“We are finally building the American economy for the 21st century, and I urge Congress to maintain that momentum by passing legislation to make America more competitive, strengthen our supply chains, strengthen our manufacturing and foster innovation, invest in our families and clean energy, and lower food costs,” President Biden summarized.

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