Biden to attend event in support of Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate

Biden to attend event in support of Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate

At a November campaign event in support of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist, President Joe Biden will oppose his potential rival in the 2024 presidential election, Florida Governor Ron Desantis.

On Nov. 1, Biden will travel to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to attend an event in support of Crist, the former governor and member of Congress who is trailing Desantis in the polls.

Biden and Desantis have publicly cooperated with each other in recent weeks over the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, but significant differences between the two remain. Biden and Desantis could become rivals in 2024, when Biden runs for a second presidential term, if Desantis runs for the Republican Party and manages to beat former President Donald Trump, who is also considering a run for president.

Desantis is popular in the Republican Party and opposes Biden on many policy issues, including COVID-19 vaccines, immigration and abortion rights.

That the president is backing Crist late in the campaign may be a sign that Democrats have not abandoned hopes of defeating Desantis in his home state.

Biden had just completed a state-by-state tour of the west in which he sought to support Democrat Tina Kotek in a tight race for Oregon governor. Democratic advantage in the House and Senate is at stake in November’s midterm elections, and the results of the congressional elections, as well as the gubernatorial race, could have an impact on abortion policy and voter rights.