Biden speaks Tuesday in Florida ahead of midterm congressional elections

Biden speaks Tuesday in Florida ahead of midterm congressional elections

President Joe Biden travels to Florida to highlight the contrast between the programs of Democrats and Republicans during speeches in that state. He intends to criticize the latter for their proposals to repeal prescription drug price limits and make changes to Social Security and Medicare.

Biden’s trip to Florida includes appearances in Hallandale Beach, where, according to a White House release, he will point to a “very different vision” of America from Republicans. The trip also includes a fundraiser for Florida gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist and a rally in support of the state’s Democratic politicians, including senatorial candidate Val Demings.

The visit to Florida, where Democrats are trailing in both the Senate and gubernatorial races, may seem illogical a week before the midterm elections, when many other states are very tightly contested. But Biden’s allies stress that this is an example of the president trying to come to a place where he can be useful – Florida Democrats hope Biden can help boost voter turnout.

Biden has avoided meeting with some of the more troubled Democratic candidates, including Georgia Senator Rafael Warnock and Arizona Senator Mark Kelly, but his advisers insist he can still be useful to them, talking about Republican policies they think voters find unacceptable.

Biden is scheduled to attend campaign events in New Mexico on Thursday, in California on Friday, and in Pennsylvania on Saturday.