Biden says COVID-19 “no longer controls” American lives

U.S. President Joe Biden stated that COVID-19 is “no longer in control” of American lives.

“Because of the strategy we’ve employed over the past year in terms of vaccinations, tests, treatments and more, we are now in a new phase of this pandemic. That doesn’t mean COVID-19 is over, but it does mean COVID-19 is no longer in control of our lives,” Biden said.

Biden recalled the measures the administration has taken to deal with the pandemic and urged Congress to allocate the necessary funds to continue the fight.

“We are already seeing the consequences of Congressional inaction on this issue. Congress has not provided enough funding to continue to purchase monoclonal antibody drugs. Without funding, we won’t be able to maintain our testing capabilities beyond June. If we don’t invest, we will be vulnerable to another wave of the virus,” the U.S. president stressed.

Finishing his speech, Biden was revaccinated against the coronavirus with a Pfizer drug. This is the second booster vaccination for the U.S. president. “It didn’t hurt at all,” the White House leader said after receiving the shot.

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