Biden fell asleep at the Glasgow summit

Biden fell asleep at the Glasgow summit

Footage of U.S. President Joe Biden struggling with sleep during the Glasgow climate summit quickly went viral on the web.

“Biden appears to have fallen asleep during his opening speech at COP26,” the video was signed by the author, The Washington Post journalist Zach Brown.

The video shows Biden covering his eyes. At the end, a staff member comes up to him and “wakes up” the president with a question.

The video got ten thousand likes and a couple of thousand comments. The opinion of users was mixed. Many questioned whether the head of the White House is able to lead the country.

“The question must be asked. Is he fit for the job? He has accomplished amazing things and seems so kind, but I wish there was someone else to replace him. Let’s be honest,” one commenter wrote.

“It’s times like this when I tell my kids I’m just resting,” joked another user.

Many commenters said in justification that Biden was wearing a protective mask, limiting oxygen to his lungs, and that opening speeches at conferences were “boring.”

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