Biden confused woman with man

Biden confused woman with man

U.S. President Joe Biden called Chicago’s female mayor, Lori Lightfoot, “Mr.” during a speech in Illinois. This was noticed by Internet users. The gaffe of the head of state quickly gained popularity on Twitter.

“Wait, did Biden just address Laurie Lightfoot as ‘Mr. Mayor’? Did I miss something?” was the title of the video.

Viewers also noted that this wasn’t the only mistake in the White House president’s speech. Biden misspoke when addressing Illinois Senate President Don Harmon.

“And Ohio Pennsylvania, Ohio Pennsylvania, I’m from Pennsylvania, the president of Illinois,” Joe Biden said.

Later, the president mistook the television for his phone as he told viewers about his conversation with a hospital employee.

Commentators on the Web were surprised by such a large number of mistakes made during a single speech.

Biden periodically gets into curious situations. In March, he stumbled three times while boarding a plane. Moreover, the head of the White House repeatedly made mistakes in names of countries and presidents. In one speech, he mixed up Libya and Syria; in another, Iraq and Iran; in a third, Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

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