Biden: Americans should not worry about a possible nuclear war with Russia

Biden: Americans should not worry about a possible nuclear war with Russia

U.S. President Joe Biden responded with a short “no” to a question about whether Americans should worry about the possibility of a nuclear war with Russia.

Biden’s remark came as he attended a White House celebration of African-American History Month.

A reporter asked him about the threat of nuclear war, given Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement that he had ordered the country’s nuclear forces on “special alert.

The U.S. nuclear defense policy remains unchanged, a senior Pentagon official said.

“We continue to feel comfortable and confident about our own strategic deterrence posture,” he said.

According to him, the U.S. has not seen anything concrete as a result of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to put Russian nuclear deterrence forces on high alert.

At the same time, U.S. Defense Department officials estimate that nearly 75 percent of the forces that Russian President Vladimir Putin has assembled for the military operation are now in Ukraine. At the start of the invasion, Russia had more than 160,000 troops concentrated near the borders with Ukraine and on the territory of Belarus, also next to Ukraine. If the estimate of 75 percent is correct, 120,000 Russian troops are involved in the invasion. So far, Russia has failed to achieve air superiority over Ukraine.

The battle for airspace over Ukraine continues. Ukrainian air defense forces remain viable, both in terms of air and missile defense. Ukrainian ground forces have slowed the Russian offensive against Kiev and Ukraine’s second-largest city, Kharkiv. Nevertheless, Russian troops are about 25 kilometers from Kiev. The Ukrainian capital appears to be the main focus of Russian efforts.

Russia appears to be trying to encircle Kharkiv and Kiev. Kharkiv has become the scene of fierce fighting. Russian units have not taken the city, but seem to intend to encircle it. The same tactics seem to be employed in Kiev.

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