Americans harshly criticized Biden for his New Year’s greeting

Americans harshly criticized Biden for his New Year's greeting

U.S. President Joe Biden congratulated Americans on the new year of 2022, drawing harsh criticism against him. Biden posted a photo on Twitter of him and his wife Jill watching fireworks. The White House leader accompanied the image with a caption in which he promises fellow citizens to continue “making America a better place in the new year.”

However, not all users appreciated such a noble effort. Many subscribers began to call on the U.S. president to repay some of the student loans.

“At least half of the graduates can’t work in their fields,” he said.

“I have a huge amount of student debt, which affects my credit history and prevents me from buying a house. You promised to forgive student debt. When?”

Other readers expressed dissatisfaction with Biden’s coronavirus policy.

“I just paid $150 for COVID-19 tests for my family, I want my money back not only for them, but also for the miles I drove to find them.”

The price situation in the U.S. also did not leave users indifferent.

“Food costs are up six percent, energy costs are up 35 percent, and gas costs are up 58 percent. Keep it up,” sneered Dave Dubusky.

Most commentators concluded that Biden is incapable of “making America a better place” because he still hasn’t even begun to do so.

“You please tell me when something will start to change, as things still look terrible from where I sit.”

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