Alec Baldwin became a father for the eighth time

Alec Baldwin became a father for the eighth time

Alec Baldwin became a father again – his wife Hilaria gave birth to a daughter.

The couple shared the first pictures with the baby girl. Hilaria is a yoga instructor and the celebrity’s second wife. They formalized their relationship in June 2012. Since then, their family has grown steadily. The couple already has six children, and now a seventh daughter has been born. The girl was named Hilaria Catalina Irene.

“She’s here! We are so excited to introduce you to our tiny dream, Hilaria Catalina Irene. Her siblings spend all day welcoming her into our home,” Hilaria Baldwin shared.

The mother of many children published touching pictures. In them, the baby, barely born, is already posing. Big brothers and sisters greeted the baby girl very warmly. In the photo, they gently hold the baby in their arms. By the way, another child Baldwin was born in his marriage with actress Kim Basinger. The oldest daughter of the selebrity appeared in October 1995. The girl has already found herself and followed in the footsteps of famous parents. She chose the path of a model, an actress, a film producer.

Last year, Alec Baldwin was part of a high-profile scandal. During the filming of “Rust,” he accidentally shot a woman. The shards of the bullet, which came out of a prop gun, flew apart. Director Joel Saws was seriously injured and cameraman Galina Hutchins died from her injuries. The fatal incident took a toll on the emotional state and career of the artist. The Hollywood star took it hard and even wanted to leave acting, but his wife dissuaded him from this step. By the way, with the shooting still have to wait. Because of the incident with Baldwin do not want to work. He has already been denied five new projects.