A Star Wars hotel will open in the U.S.

A Star Wars hotel will open in the U.S.

In the spring of 2022 the Disney World amusement park in Florida will open a hotel-ship decorated in the style of “Star Wars”.

All the windows are video screens showing comets, planets and rockets. The hotel also constantly hears a soft hum, reminiscent of the sound of starship engines.

Up to 500 people can be “on board” at the same time. But there is one condition: to be fully immersed in the atmosphere, you must come in a character costume from the cult saga of George Lucas or buy an outfit on the ship and change your clothes. In addition, as the publication specifies, during the “flight” guests will be involved in the storyline, where they can choose how to interact with the actors and other tourists on board.

The food in the hotel restaurant is also unusual: themed cocktail with ice, purple bread with blue butter, kosmovafli. For the first few months, all cabins are already sold out. It is specified that the cost of a two-day “voyage” starts at $4,809 for a room for two and from $6,000 for a family room for four.

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