A package with an incendiary device was defused at the U.S. Embassy in Madrid

A package with an incendiary device was defused at the U.S. Embassy in Madrid

The U.S. Embassy in Madrid received a package with an incendiary device, similar to the parcels that had previously arrived at five addresses Рthe office of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, the Ukrainian Embassy in Madrid, the Spanish Defense Ministry, the weapons manufacturer Instalaza and the Torrejón de Adros airbase.

Instalaza is a Zaragoza-based weapons manufacturing company that has supplied Ukraine with more than 1,000 C90 rocket launchers to defend against Russian aggression.

Embassy security officers discovered the suspicious package and it was later detonated by Spanish sappers in a controlled explosion.

Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles, who met with Ukrainian Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov in Odessa on Thursday, said that “it should be absolutely clear that neither the mailing of these packages nor any other violent action will change the clear and firm commitment of Spain, NATO countries and the EU to support Ukraine.”

The first parcel containing an incendiary device was discovered Nov. 24 in the mail of the Spanish prime minister’s office.

On Wednesday, a suspicious parcel arrived in the name of Ukraine’s ambassador to Spain, Sergei Pogoreltsev. But the name of the sender was not given, and the secretary of the ambassador handed the package to the commandant. During the opening he received a slight wound to his arm and was treated at the hospital.

In addition to the aforementioned explosive device, Spanish security forces retained one more for investigative purposes. The other four devices were destroyed by controlled explosions.

“It appears that all of the parcel devices were sent domestically, but these are preliminary conclusions based on visual analysis; we do not yet have a detailed technical report,” Spanish Deputy Interior Minister Rafael Perez told reporters.

According to the information available to him, the improvised devices were sent in brown packages containing flammable powder and a stretch that could cause a “sudden flame” rather than an explosion.

The packages were addressed to the heads of the recipient institutions.

Spain’s high court, which is investigating terrorism cases in particular, has opened an investigation.

According to Perez, it is not yet necessary to convene a Security Committee responsible for assessing the level of terrorist threat in Spain.

Nevertheless, a statement from the Spanish Interior Ministry noted that police have been ordered to increase the security of public buildings and to check mail especially carefully.

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