57-meter VisionE superyacht completely covered by solar panels

57-meter VisionE superyacht completely covered by solar panels

Italian studio Too Design, owned by popular European designer Marco Casali, has introduced to the world its latest concept of a luxury yacht, 57 meters long.

VisionE is a yacht whose roof has been equipped with a system of retractable photovoltaic panels. It is these that are mainly responsible for powering the large hybrid engine based on a diesel electric unit. The energy they accumulate has to go into batteries located on board, and then used as needed.

However, ecology is not everything. VisionE is above all ubiquitous luxury and comfort. The yacht has seven guest cabins with automatically extending balconies, which are also waterfront berths. Above the stern is a special section with a saltwater pool. If swimming doesn’t interest passengers, the whole thing can quickly be turned into a basketball court. There’s also a large hot tub, a fully equipped bar, and even an outdoor movie theater.

While all of this sounds great, it’s worth keeping in mind that it’s all just a concept and an idea. However, it could become a reality once a suitable investor is found.

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